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Single Page Application

SPA based on JavaScript continues to gain popularity in web development trends. Not surprising as SPA works perfectly across all user devices shows high-performance and decrease web development time. The popularity of SPA is visible for developers but too early to talk about total use. Basically, the development is based on React and Angular frameworks. The another benefit its using SPA you can easily deploy cost-effective hybrid apps.
Because it works inside a browser, an SPA doesn’t need the page to reload when in use. Facebook, Gmail, Github (which is more of a “hybrid” than an SPA), and Google Maps are a few examples of popular Single-Page Applications.
They are just single web pages that load all other contentthrough JavaScript. They exhibit natural behavior in the browser, with no extra waiting time and page reloads. SPAs separately call the data and markup and directly render the pages in the browser.
Aurelia, Meteor.js, Ember.js, and Angular.js are a few advanced JavaScript frameworks that make it possible. An SPA site keeps the user comfortable because the content is displayed in a single and straightforward web space.
Facebook is the best example of how an SPA works. The majority of the interactions you see on the page happen without the site reloading. If you open the conversations menu or click on a photo, your browser gets sent to a new URL, but the page doesn’t refresh. Once you close the picture, you return to the original URL without the website getting reloaded.


  • Single Page Application is good for making Responsive Websites, Support mobile, Tablet & Desktop.
  • No extra queries to the server to download pages.
  • User friendly.
  • Performance improvement, Single Page Application can improve performance in many ways, Single time file load each of HTML, CSS, JS.


  • Client must enable JavaScript, Single Page Application build with JavaScript, So JavaScript should be enabled in client browser. JavaScript enabled in all modern browsers by default.
  • Security: Compare to traditional page Single Page Application is less secure due to Cross-site scripting (XSS).
  • Memory Leak: Memory leak in JavaScript can even cause powerful system to slow down.

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