"Validation in simple terms means confirmation”


In context of software. It means evaluating the final product to check whether it complies to the business requirements from end user perspective. We do it to answer the fundamental question “Are we building the right product?”. Test execution covers various types such as User Acceptance testing, smoke testing, regression testing, functional testing, systems testing, feature testing, integration testing, load testing, compatibility testing and stress testing.

Nowadays businesses need to focus on security as it is one of the important aspects of any system. For any organization, its data and IPs are of utmost importance and hence organizations should enforce security measures towards the protection of its data and IP. Under security testing we cover the four major types- Threat modelling, penetration testing, Source code review and server security review.

At Kovaisoft, Quality Assurance is a continuous process for checking the conformance of the product/service requirements with the industry quality standards. It consists of a means of monitoring the processes and methods used to ensure quality. QA is vital to us as it strengthens customer confidence and improves our credibility. It assures improvement in quality related processes and increase in efficiency and quality of all products / services.

We build hybrid apps targeting multiple mobile platforms using HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript libraries like jQuery Mobile. We have good experience using Apache Cordova which is a set of device APIs that allow a mobile app developer to access native device function like the camera or the accelerometer using JavaScript. It also has a UI framework like jQuery Mobile or Dojo Mobile, which allows a smartphone app to be developed only with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We expertise on: React Native, Ionic, Native Script.

For us the core concept of Quality Maintenance is integrating and executing our quality practices, proven methodologies and frameworks to obtain focused Improvement, and zero defect products/services. Quality Maintenance is a continuous process and takes place through the planning, designing, development and testing phases, until a defect free product is produced. The key idea is to prevent defects at an early stage, rather than installing costly inspection systems to detect the defects after they have been produced.

How We do it

Our Key Testing Differentiators

  • Exposure and maturity over a wide range of Test Tools, Testing Methodologies, Framework Implementation.
  • In depth understanding of business, processes and test engineering.
  • Streamlined quality processes for improved efficiency and reduction in Time to Market.
  • Strict compliance to quality standards.