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Want to match your website’s colour scheme to a particular image? Then you may well find Vaunt handy. It's a free Mac app that uses a clustering algorithm to analyse your images and lets you know which colours are dominant in a picture, so you can use that information in your design. 
You drag and drop your image into the app and the dominant colours appear in a panel. You can then click on any of the colours to add them to your clipboard.

Speed up the buying process and save time for customers:
It literally speeds up the buying process because when someone thinks of buying one specific product from the physical store which is very far and not easily available. Here how the eCommerce helps the customer to avail the specific product easily and speedily.
For example – Sometimes customer are not able to find a particular product from the store and even by visiting other chained stores, this is where eCommerce come into a scene with a quick response over the requirement by even helping to purchase the particular product without wasting time.
eCommerce helps the one to choose from a wide range of online accessed products easily and get it delivered too; it helps you to access online global market standards.
Such type of buying process can help you to reduce the traveling time and helps you with choosing plenty of options which you might be looking forward to getting your own one.

Personalize the store as per the customer expectation:
One of the online business benefit which will enhance your online shopping experience. It is because every purchase which is made online will be referred as per location and recommended as per customers advanced searches.
It is one kind of personalize store where every customer has a different front page because of their location and previous purchases. Even customers are eligible sometime to get extra services because of previous history and loyalty towards the services. Such kind of store helps the customer to fulfill their expectations.

Reduce recurring cost while hiring virtual support resources:
One of the factors which can benefit in eCommerce is that by hiring employees is affordable. It is like you can choose to outsource your task and work to your virtual assistants in different countries.
It will make your presence of the company in a different location at the same time always. In this case, you will not need many employees in an eCommerce business as compared retail locations.

Easily retarget your customers:
There are many ways to retarget the customer and sell the product nicely. Below are some of the techniques which you can use to retarget customers:-
Share a coupon when customers leave the checkout page.
Even by sending emails which are pitching upsell and cross-sell.
Can be done through Google paid and organic search results.
It can be done through the customer’s number of visits to a specific page with a certain period of time.

Easier to encourage an impulse buy:
Impulse buying is one of the techniques where it works as a common behavior of customer’s perception towards a particular product. It is related to the control of human psychological behavior which is like some people possess personality traits that can be said as impulse buying tendencies.
This is what can be used on an eCommerce platform too by making the product more attractive with images, other color options and even by showing a video of the product. So the customer can get the same aura of buying the product from the store.

Reviews Available:
It has so many positive recommendations which can give more values to your eCommerce website and help customers to build more trust over a particular product.  It can help you to be clear and more visible about the product that helps you with more product selection too.
All of the reviews are valuable to customers, which can really help a lot to built trust over the products and services

Able to provide detailed information to the customer:
Every customer looks for more details over the products so that it can help them to take a wise decision over their purchases. It is one kind of description which really helps a lot and expresses about any particular product.
more details and that makes them to put them on a cart for their final check out with making them aware of all the features and functions of the product.

Best Quality of services in reasonably low operation cost:
It is one of the benefits which plays a very vital role over an eCommerce platform. In most of the case, physical retail stores have to pay a lot to maintain their presence in the market by paying rent or even if it’s own. There are several upfront costs which affect the store which is physically owned.

Quick and affordable marketing:
You will not have to spend many bucks to market your e-commerce biz. There are many ways to pull your eCommerce business into this online world through various ways of online marketing which are quick and affordable.

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